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With a deep devotion to balance and ease, Enliven Interiors spaces will make you feel like you are living in a top boutique hotel.

Founders Monica and Fabian Rivas have a robust background in hospitality design and luxury real estate. Monica was a lead designer at a top global hospitality firm while Fabian spearheaded marketing for billion dollar real estate projects. Together, they bring over two decades of project management, visionary design and construction to each large-scale project.

Their portfolio runs the gamut from modern homes to casinos & high rises. Over the years, they have captured the attention of Architectural Digest, Homes & Gardens and Apartment Therapy as industry experts.

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co-founder &
Creative Director

monica rivas

Monica Rivas, an embodiment of creativity and innovation, has etched her name in the world of Interior Architecture & Design. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Monica began her illustrious career as a lead designer with a top Las Vegas-based architectural firm. Her portfolio gleams with a multitude of nationwide projects including gaming venues, public spaces, and her remarkable work within the high-end residential market. Before lighting the spark that became Enliven Interiors, Monica achieved the status of a Registered Interior Designer and became NCIDQ certified in the state of Nevada. 

At Enliven Interiors, Monica's role extends beyond design. She is a visionary, aligning the brand's high-profile professionals turnkey designs with a unique blend of artistic flair and business acumen. Her hands-on approach to projects reflects the integrity of the design process and a deep respect for the craft, mirroring the company's mission of speaking both languages of design and business.

Join Monica Rivas in a journey that transcends traditional design, where every space is a canvas awaiting transformation, and every project reflects the epitome of luxury, innovation, and elegance.

co-founder &
Operations director

fabian rivas

At the crossroads of hospitality and luxury, where design meets business, Fabian has sculpted a career unlike any other. As Co-Founder of Enliven Interiors in Las Vegas, his journey began in marketing leading projects across the nation, from gaming venues to fine dining, hotels, and public areas.

His combined 18 years as a marketing designer and business development professional has honed his expertise in managing large-scale projects and growing businesses. Fabian's philosophy seamlessly extends to the services offered by Enliven Interiors where design is more than mere aesthetics; it's about integrity in the process and a deep respect for the craft.

His language fluency in both design and business is a testament to his versatility, making him not just an integral part of Enliven Interiors but also a reflection of its core values.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Fabian is a man of taste and leisure. An avid golfer, world traveler, and a cigar aficionado, 

Interior Designer &
Project Manager 

Lilian Lei

Nurtured within the vibrant world of fine arts, Lilian’s creative journey found a transformative direction when she discovered interior design, a medium where she could weave narratives through spatial arrangements. Inspired by her artistry roots, she expertly crafts an emotional harmony between individuals and their environment, transcending mere aesthetics to create spaces that resonate on a deeper level.
A graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture & Design, Lilian took her budding love for timeless designs into the realm of hospitality design. Her signature style showcases a mastery of form, texture, and color that skillfully imprints identity into every project she undertakes.
Enliven Interiors finds its newest jewel in Lilian. She is thrilled to contribute to the turnkey designs that cater to our high-profile clientele.